Get to know the owner a little better: Ben Anastasio

My Background:

I'm Ben Anastasio, owner of American Millwork Installation. I was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. I've been in residential construction my entire life. My dad is a semi-custom home builder in Northern Colorado and I have been very fortunate to be on-site, wearing a tool belt from the time I could walk. I proudly worked for my dad through high school and learned all aspects of the business. After high school I started my own company, Demiurge Construction, specializing in interior trim and finish carpentry. Demiurge, from the Greek word demiourgos, means creator, artisan or skilled craftsman. As the housing market slowed, so did high end finish carpentry in new construction. I found work as an installer for the big box stores and learned a completely new area of construction. I was introduced to retail-level installed sales, and was surprised to discover how easily I stood out through my attention to detail, conscientious installations, and great customer service. I pride myself on the quality of work I provide and I realized there was a huge market demand for superior installations and a company that does it right. American Millwork Installation was formed to create a superior installation company for premium product. I am the proud owner of an excellent company that doesn't create issues or ignore quality. We create a positive experience for all involved. I stand behind every installation we do, and I am confident we provide a superior installation.

Superior Installation - A Better Choice for Consumers:

Consumers have many choices for the windows and doors they select to put in their homes. Most window and door manufacturers have economical, entry-level products with basic inclusions as well as high-end, premium products with lists of features and benefits. Generally understood is the concept of "you get what you pay for." This concept applies to the product as well as the installation. All products (entry level and premium) must be installed correctly to function, perform, and last. It doesn't matter how great the product performance is if the part of the system that interfaces the new product to the rest of the home fails. The option of entry level to premium product is offered from different manufacturers and clearly understood by consumers. The concept of entry-level to premium, or superior, installation is not as well understood. Any level of product can benefit from a superior installation to ensure that the unit will perform to advertised specifications, operate properly, and last as long as possible. Any customer selecting a superior installation for their product will see the long term benefits of an installation that will perform for the length of the product's life.

My Company Philosophy:

You get what you pay for in an installation. The concept of a superior installation is a difficult thing to grasp for many consumers. My company performs superior installations to an industry-leading standard, and we have all of our business affairs in order. I hold the certifications and licensing required and deemed important to this industry. I make sure all installations are performed to regulation and specification. The technical specifications of installation products and materials are something most companies overlook, but not American Millwork Installation. We only use premium installation products to assure a long term installation that will not fail. All of my installers are background checked and drug tested. They are people you can feel comfortable having in your home. We work efficiently and quickly to assure we are in and out of a home with a fully completed installation in a very short time so we do not over extend the process.

My customer is paying for a professional installation, and I will provide it.

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